SRC License

Foreclosure Surplus Recovery Agents

Barry Hikin, President and Licensed P.I. Agent C1400563

Barry was born in Brooklyn, NY and his family moved to Miami Beach {Dade County} when Barry was just two years old. When Barry turned ten his family moved to Fort Lauderdale {Broward County}. Barry graduated Broward College with high honors and graduated Nova University with honors earning his B.S. degree in 1990. Barry is a private investigator licensed by the State of Florida legally authorized to provide these services. Barry is also a licensed real agent since 1989 and Barry is a member of The Florida Association of Licensed Investigators {FALI}. Barry strives to provide outstanding service, integrity, and results for Surplus Refund Corporation’s Recipients. Barry looks forward to working with you and helping you obtain your surplus refund.

Rose, SRC Secretary / Case Manager 

Rose enjoys listening to and speaking with owners and heirs, learning their needs when helping her Recipients obtain surplus funds. Roses’ background includes many years in research and administrative services working with clients in corporate and government services. Rose graduated with honors earning a BS in Business Administration and a MLIS in Library and Information Science.

Thomas J. Southerland Licensed P.I. Agent cc1200316

Tom Southerland is a native of Miami and life resident of South Florida. Tom graduated Coral Gables high school and Tom earned his BME degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology.   Tom began his professional career working as a licensed Florida General Contractor specializing in building, renovating, and upgrading high end architecturally unique homes. Tom is also a licensed real estate broker with extensive knowledge of the South Florida real estate market. Now a licensed P.I. working with Surplus Refund Corporation, Tom has successfully helped hundreds of SRC Recipients obtain Surplus Refunds achieving maximum results for SRC’s satisfied Recipients. Thomas looks forward to working with you and helping you obtain your surplus refund.

Scott Seeman Licensed P.I. Agent C2900327 

Mr. Seeman works in contract with Surplus Refund Corporation helping Recipients receive their surplus funds. Scott has lived in Broward County, FL since 1978 and has an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Broward College. He has been married to his wife, Lisa, for 18 years and they have a 13 year old son, Robbie, who was adopted from Russia when he was 2 years old. Scott T. Seeman has had decades of experience in the emergency medical, private security and investigative fields. Scott graduated from the Broward County Police Academy and the US Air force Law Enforcement Academy. He has also completed numerous hours of training in the Investigative and Criminal Justice Studies. Scott looks forward to working with you and helping you obtain your surplus refund.

Jessenia,  SRC Secretary and Case Manager  English & Español

Jessenia is Surplus Refund Corporation’s secretary. Jessenia prepares and organizes case documents and outlines case profiles for SRC’s attorneys. Jessenia maintains customer contact with SRC’s recipients at all times. Jessenia performs day-to-day administrative tasks such as maintaining case files, processing paperwork, and monitoring case docket activity to keep everything on track. Jessenia is in constant contact with the Clerk of Court staff to ensure the County Clerk pays the surplus funds quickly. Jessenia enjoys speaking with SRC’s recipients about the surplus opportunity available and understands Recipient’s thoughtful questions. Jessenia’s background, experience, and dedication helping Recipients obtain Surplus Refunds is a great benefit to all. Jessenia looks forward to working with you and helping you obtain your surplus refund.

Jessenia es la secretaria de Surplus Refund Corporation. Jennifer prepara y organiza los documentos del caso y describe los perfiles de los casos para los abogados de SRC. Jessenia mantiene en contacto con los destinatarios de SRC en todo momento. También realiza las tareas administrativas del día a día como el mantenimiento de los archivos de los casos y el procesamiento de la documentación y el seguimiento de la actividad del caso en la corte a modo de mantener todo en orden. Jessenia está en contacto constante con el personal del Secretario de la Corte para garantizar que la Secretaria del Condado pague los fondos excedentes rápidamente. Jessenia disfruta hablando con los destinatarios de SRC sobre la oportunidad del reembolso disponible y entiende sus preguntas. La experiencia y dedicación de Jessenia para ayudar a los destinatarios ha obtener los reembolsos excedentes es un gran beneficio para todos.

Una vez más, gracias por su tiempo y consideración y espero trabajar con usted.