SRC License

Surplus Funds Recovery may be available for you. Thank you for visiting Surplus Refund Corporation’s (SRC) website and thank you for considering SRC for your important Surplus Refund disbursement case. Our agents understand the importance of YOUR case to you.  We understand it is urgent to “get it done right” and to get you paid quickly. You can be confident you are in great hands with Surplus Refund Corporation.

Surplus Refund Corporation is an insured and licensed P.I. Agency by The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  Surplus Refund Corporation served Florida as a Surplus Trustee from July 1, 2014 thru June 30, 2019.

Effective July 1, 2019 the Surplus Trustee program in Florida is repealed.   See Surplus Trustee Repeal Notice from the Florida Department of Financial Services.  After June 30, 2019 the Florida Department of Financial Services will no longer certify any new or former Surplus Trustees.

Please note Surplus Trustee appointments assigned by the Clerk of the Court before 12:00am, midnight, July 1, 2019 (by 11:59 PM) will continue to be effective for one year from the date of  the Clerk appointment. 

Please be cautious of people and companies claiming to be licensed or Certified as a Surplus Trustee.  If anyone is claiming to have official capacity by the Clerk or try to tell you they are the only company allowed to handle your surplus case tell them they need to show you their Notice of Surplus Trustee appointment stamped with the Clerk’s County seal.  Then carefully review the date on the Clerk’s notice.  If they are claiming to be an appointed Surplus Trustee by the Clerk of Court or they are using Trustee in their name or title and they cannot produce the Notice of Trustee Appointment stamped with the Clerk’s County seal, they cannot be trusted and you could be scammed and victimized!

Surplus Refund Corporation strongly recommends you select an insured and  licensed P.I. Agency by The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for your case.

Surplus Refund Corporation is located in Margate, Florida a suburb of Fort Lauderdale.  SRC’s attorneys complete surplus cases in all 67 Florida counties employing local counsel for each county case hearing.

Surplus Refund Corporation’s staff is dedicated to helping Recipients receive their surplus funds fast.  SRC works with three licensed agents and our bilingual secretary Julie.

In some cases SRC is able to provide Recipients a surplus down payment advance today.

  • Surplus Refund Corporation provides the best results and percentage paid to you.
  • The sooner you call, the sooner Surplus Refund Corporation can start working for you
  • Let’s move forward. Call Surplus Refund Corporation today!